Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I saw an advertisement on TV a few weeks ago about Subway Jared and how he's kept his weight off for 15 years! That's a mega accomplishment!  And one that makes me feel a little bit older than I'd like because I remember when Jared first became Subway's new face.

I made some silly remark about how I bet that pressure to keep the weight off has to be grueling since he is constantly in the spotlight. I wonder how often does Jared sits down with Ben and Jerry and go to town on a pint of ice cream with a big ole spoon?

Then I realized that I find myself in that place... often. Am I afraid of gaining back the 30lbs I shed last fall? Do I feel like people are watching or waiting for me to gain it back? Are they judging me when I reach for a cupcake or an extra scoop of ice cream? The guilt that washes over me when I'm conscious of making poor food choices is unbearable. I become weak in those moments.

STOP. You can't live like this, Sam! Jared, you can't either!

No one is watching. It's OK to indulge a little. I just have to remind myself that I have choice when it comes to food. I'm in control of what I feed my body. If I take this approach every time I find myself face-to-face with a cupcake or french macaron I'll be able to walk away from it and feel a lot better about myself.

I've have the power of choice. And so do YOU.

Monday, April 15, 2013

spread love and kindness...

Today is a remarkable reminder to spread love and kindness...  

I've been watching the news all afternoon. I've burst out into tears multiple times. I posted to Facebook this morning a big "good luck" to my friends who we're running the race. I watched with excitement the Elite women's division start as I ate breakfast. I left to go to spin class and run errands and when I arrived home I was horrified. Filled with worry for my friends, and everyone in Boston.

What has moved me the most today is seeing how everyone is pulling together to help one other. Video of spectators rushing into danger to help a stranger. Police and medics instantly doing what they do best. Finishers rushing to hospitals to donate blood to those who will need it...

Even in a crisis you can see and feel the camaraderie and the love.

Be kind and spread love today... tomorrow... and every day forward.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

failure & resistance...

It's been exactly one month since my last post. I have five drafts that I've been working on but have not successfully completed any of them.

I've been blaming writer's block and lack of time but in reality I've just been resisting the whole writing process. Why?

A month ago, I spoke a new goal into the world...I can and will make money through my writing.  I must have blacked out after I said that because that is exactly when I stopped publishing on my blog, free writing, and reading for pleasure.

It's always when we get really, really close to a goal that we second guess our decisions. We tell ourselves we're not good enough, we can't do it, it will never work, we will fail. Sound familiar?

Starting now, I'm recommitting myself to my goal. I will not let resistance or fear stop me form achieving what I want. I've always loved the question, "What would you attempt do if you knew you could not fail?" Ask yourself that question and decide what the first steps are towards achieving that.

"But I can't really _______________!" 
(insert be/do/have of your choice)

Ummmmm...why not? Says who? Maybe we will fail. But if we don't attempt it, we'll never know.  Don't be afraid of failure. Be afraid of looking back at your life and realizing that you didn't accomplish the things you wanted to because you didn't... even... try.

Don't put off doing the things you love for another day. Make time. You deserve it!