Thursday, December 4, 2014

a facebook promise...

My husband was out at a happy hour with old friends the other day. He was catching up with one of his old buddies and they were both so floored by how much had happened in each other's lives in the nine or so years it had been since they had seen each other.

College, jobs, cross country move, marriage, kids, another big move... and so on.

The two of them are not friends on Facebook so they didn't know any of this about one another. At the end of the conversation, his friend started to say that he would "add him" but cut himself off mid thought and declared that he never wanted to be friends with Brett on Facebook. It was way cooler being friends and catching up in real life.

Just some food for thought.

Who can you reach out and reconnect with? Who could you de-friend (mutually of course!) and promise to catch up "old school style" with?