the creature behind the words...

"Do those stars on your feet mean you're a dancer?" An older gentleman in the waiting room of a doctor’s office asked me as he pointed to the star tattoos on my foot.
"No. They mean I'm a dreamer." I respond.
"Ahhhh... a dreamer you say? Stay that way,” he said and went back to reading his magazine.

Samantha Bivenour

dreamer | feeler | writer | coffee drinker | professional shower singer
I began blogging in January of 2012. It started as a way to keep in touch with friends and family after my big move to Texas and I primarily wrote about running, weight loss/gain, and finding the positive in any situation. Over the years, I've deepened my writing practice and unearthed a passion for sharing with a purpose. It hasn't been easy! It's taken focus to ignore the ego, courage to break down emotional barriers, and a lot of practice being vulnerable. I am reminded daily that the more open and truthful I become, the greater the odds are I can impact others in a positive way.
My purpose is to be someone that anyone can relate to. I strive to deliver the message that your life is AWESOME. Feeling Wholeheartedly should be a way of life. I want you to feel deeply and love your life, not just live it.

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