Saturday, May 26, 2012

I like myself, I like myself, I like myself…

I’m inspired by Brian Tracy. If you know me personally you know this. In Brian Tracy’s, Psychology of Achievement six disc audio series, he flat out says that if you tell yourself you like yourself you will. “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself…”  We joke about it at work but really… I like myself!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling a little guilty about a tiny slip up I had the night before involving an entire personal pizza. Let’s face it… personal pizzas are meant for more than one person. Anyway, all of the sudden I’m in my bathroom and my husband LEAPS up onto the counter top and starts yelling at himself in the mirror screaming, “You’re awesome! I’m awesome! I like bathroom! I like my wife. I like my dog!” Instantly I burst out laughing. I know what he is doing. A while back we found this YouTube video of a little girl talking to herself in her bathroom mirror. Have you seen it? Check it here….

So, inspired by both Mr. Tracy and tiny Jessica, I thought I would try their little self loving exercise. You should too. Here I go…

I like my espresso. I like my car. I like my life. I like my house. I like my dog. I like my mom. I like my dad. I like my legs. I like my bug bites. I like my scars. I like my stomach. I like my hair. I like my personality. I like my friends. I like my friends, friends. I can do anything great. I like my kitchen. I like my backyard. I like my smile. I LOVE my job. I like my staircase. I like my shoes. I like my clothes. I like my coffee cups. I like my notebooks. I like my massive DVD collection. I like my HBO. I like my city. I like my flower pot. I like my dining table. I like my sheet set. I like my tv. I like my sister. I like my aunts. I like my uncle. I like my Wii. I like my lawnmower. I like my husband. I like my husband’s car. I can do anything GREAT. I like my big eyes. I like my smile. I like my bag. I like my iPad. I like my iPhone. I like this computer. I like my marathon medals. I like my weight. I like my toothpaste. I like my stuff. I like my Rachel ray cooking pots. I like the rug in my living room. I like my laundry unfolded.

Shit, that’s awesome!

Monday, May 14, 2012

easier said than done...

How am I doing?

On this weight loss journey, I’ve encountered ups and downs. My first post (my realization that I’ve let myself go) was in January. It’s May and I’ve only successfully fought off 10lbs.  I’ve had several moments of failure but with every failure I have a learning that I can put in my back pocket for the next time.
So losing weight is simple, right? Burn more calories than you eat. EASIER SAID THAN DONE! Here are a few essentials that are must haves for successful weight loss that can make loosing weight a bit more tangible:

1.      Eat right
      Choose foods that fuel your body and make you feel good. How many food hangovers have you had? They are awful, right?
       ***Experiment! (warning: involves eating junk food!!)***
       1. Eat something healthy and nutrious- something you'd be proud to say you ate. After you eat, take note of how your body (and mind) feels. You’ll probably experience feelings of happiness, success; maybe feel a bit lighter.
       2. For lack of a better term... eat something shitty. French fries, pizza, a taco bell 10 pack!You may feel anxious, depressed, sluggish… I could go on forever… I’m really familiar with this feeling.
      3. Decide how you want to feel every day

2.      Exercise daily (OK, maybe almost daily)
       You don’t have to train for a marathon but a jog may help. Even just walking 20 minutes a day has its benefits. I like to switch up my workouts weekly, even while training for marathons. Spin class, pilates, boot camps, CrossFit, barre classes, hot YOGA!

3.      YOGA
       It’s in its own category for me. Yoga keeps you flexible, gives you peace of mind, and presents a challenge every practice. It’s called a “yoga practice” not “yoga perfect” so don’t be intimidated if you’ve never tried it.

4.      Don’t take it personal
       Food is not out to get you. Your friends, family, and co-workers want you to succeed in your weight loss goals. If someone brings cupcakes to work they are not trying to sabotage you. If your partner asks if you want to cook in vs. eat out one night they are not saying you’re fat. Stop taking things in life so personally. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD.

5.      Small bites
       I mean this literally and figuratively. Surprise! You’ve heard it before but slow down your eating by taking smaller bites and chewing slowly. Don’t try to lose too much weight too fast. It won’t stay off. Create “baby steps” in 5lbs increments.

6.     Motivation
      What will it take for you to commit to living a healthy lifestyle, and living a life you love? No one is judging you. Maybe your motivation is to fit into your pre-baby Paige jeans. Maybe you’ll reward yourself with a trip to a tropical beach destination. For some it may be that they want to be around when their kids have kids and those kids have kids. #toowordy?

I’m not a doctor or nutritionist but I am a hell of a motivator. If you’re struggling keep your head held high and don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to someone. I’m available J

Until next time…

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

showing appreciation by listening...

Do you really listen to the people around you when they speak? Or are you preparing what you’re going to say once they stop jibber jabbering? Well if you are preparing what comes next you’re not really listening. Don’t judge or predict what people will say. Give them a chance to speak and really listen. Engage in conversation with them. We can really show appreciation for folks when we stop thinking about ourselves and how we are being perceived in conversations. 

We live in a society where we use smart phones, iPads, and tweets to communicate. Don’t forget about good old fashion verbal connectedness. #longlivefacetofacecommunication

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

you are whole, perfect, and complete...

I’ve been a goal setter now for 3 years and today I realized I’ve been going about it all wrong.

Instead of putting down on paper what I WANT for my life I’ve been writing goals from the perspective of NEEDING to make myself better, change myself. Now, to an extent, yes, that is the point of goal setting (to better oneself) but one of my most recent goals is a great example of how I’m not living as if I am whole, perfect, and complete.

My goal to lose 50lbs is great but my reasoning isn’t. Yes, I want to be healthier but am I unhealthy right now?I run marathons, I practice yoga multiple times a week, and I make fresh pressed juice at home! Maybe some of my eating patterns aren’t perfect but let’s get real… I really want to lose weight because I feel like I should. I work with a lot of girls with beautiful long legs, and rock hard abs and until recently hadn’t let that get to me. My struggle for the past year hasn’t really been about the weight, but more about how I’ve fallen out of love with myself.

So, now I’m ready to change that. I am whole, perfect, and complete. What the scale reads doesn’t matter. What size lululemon pants I buy doesn’t matter. I’m not afraid to go to a workout because I’m slower than the rest. I do not compare myself to other women.

So, I have a little extra baggage right now. So, what!? Maybe when I stop obsessing over it things will change and I’ll be a little thinner, run a little faster. But in the mean time I am going to recognize and celebrate who I am. I am no longer ruled by the number on the scale. I am beautiful, curvy, and sooooo badass.

If I could change one thing in the world right now (aside from war and hate crimes, duh) it would be to take out the piece of every woman’s brain that tells her shes not “good enough.”

Sisters (and brothers), we are good enough.