Monday, October 27, 2014


Woah... it has been one year since I was admitted to the hospital for what would be one hell of a difficult, yet exciting week to follow. I wrote the following post from the World's most uncomfortable hospital bed and thought I would be released that afternoon. Little did I know that the Universe had other plans. Reflecting on my message from this post, I was preaching flexibility before I even realized that I would need to be EVEN MORE flexible for what the next few days had in store. I have never found the right words to describe that grueling week as we anxiously awaited the birth of our daughter. I had never experienced as much fear or as much excitement within such a short period of time, but holy shit was it ever the greatest test in patience, positivity, and trust. While we would have rather not been involved in a car accident we were able to leave the hospital with the cutest, sweetest, silliest little baby on the planet and for that... I am grateful.


Just when I thought our baby was tucked in so tightly that we may very we'll surpass our due date... BAM! My husband and I were rear ended while we were out for lunch and groceries yesterday.

I was in shock. I grabbed my belly and just started crying hysterically. If you've ever been rear ended when your car was at a complete stop you know time somehow warps and everything is suddenly in slow motion... Until your head and arms go flying forward.

At 38 weeks pregnant, the thought of not knowing how the baby was affected had us incredibly shook up. My neck was tingly and my head was throbbing. I couldn't get the baby to move. We called my doctor and she sent us straight to the labor delivery unit at the hospital. Wait? Are we going to have our baby right now?!

We got checked in and hooked up to the monitor.. our baby had a strong heartbeat. THANK YOU!!

::insert deep yoga breath here::

Because I started having contractions, most likely from stress, I needed to be kept 24 hours for monitoring. We both checked out great and we didn't need to be induced or have an emergency c-section.

Sixteen hours later and maybe five hours of sleep. No real strong or consistent contractions and no sign of labor. I should be released later this afternoon if things stay the same.

What this has me thinking about is how agile I needed to be, and was, with my birth plan yesterday. I had to drop the disappointment of potentially having to be induced. I had to stop blaming the woman who was riding us too close on the road. And I had to stay calm. This further reinforced how important it is to be flexible, in your body and mind, a concept I first learned through my yoga practice.

Things may not always go as planned. I really do believe it is still important to believe in the possibility that it can and will go your way. Have confidence in your goals while being willing to accept when you need to tweak the plans.

Will I still have my perfect, drug free, natural hospital birth? Maybe! Maybe not! My new plan is to be present and breathe deeply. I know I'm in great hands and I am capable of making the right choices for me and my baby. However it happens, all that matters is that I'm holding my little muppet in my arms at the end of the day.


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