Sunday, July 8, 2012

five letter word...


I met someone today. I was at a local juice bar after spin class and in line before me was a gal that I’ve seen at yoga and spin class before but had never met or really interacted with. I smiled and asked, “I’ve seen you at Define, right? I’m Samantha. It’s nice to meet you.”

:: insert big smiles::

She had recognized me as well, and we connected the dots. We swapped stories of our workouts that we just came from, and when we like to go to class.  We hope to bump into each other again soon!

Then she thanked me for saying “HI.” She THANKED me! It was such a great reminder that we’re often times “afraid” to smile, or say “Hi” to strangers because we’re afraid we’ll look silly. Most of us are often just living in our own world. Well, HELLO! There is a lot more out there.

Try it out this week. Meet a stranger. Smile at a bum. Do something. Be bold. 

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